Welcome to the Computational Turbulence Laboratory where we work on inventing new mathematical models and algorithms in the fields of computational science and turbulent flows.

Some of the topics we work on are shown in the figure above: high-speed compressible turbulence with shock waves; aerospace-relevant turbulent flows at high Reynolds numbers with boundary layer separation; grid-adaptation for turbulence-resolving simulations; and uncertainty estimation techniques for high-fidelity turbulence simulations.

In general, as computational scientists focusing on turbulent flows, we work at the intersection between applied mathematics and numerical analysis, turbulence and fluid mechanics, and computer science. We use applied mathematics to derive new algorithms, and implement these in in-house computer codes that we then run on supercomputers. We use insights into turbulence physics to devise new models that improve our ability to make predictions about turbulent flows. We pride ourselves on being polymaths, and we always strive to combine creativity with scholarship.

Prospective students

Students in the lab are part of either the Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation programs. Prospective students should apply to one of those graduate programs and then contact Prof. Larsson. There is no use contacting me before applying — the application is critical since it provides access to reference letters, full transcripts, etc.
The research group has had openings for new students in every single year since its creation, so talented and motivated applicants should always apply.

The group with Testudo, Nov 2023.
In this group we are, quite literally, rocket scientists — you could be one too!